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Various interactive whiteboard principle - CCD optical scanning technology


Interactive whiteboard technology --- CCD optical scanning

        CCD optical scanning principle is: the side of the display area to set a fixed distance two CCD line detector and infrared emitter, the alignment display area. The other three sides of the display region setting reflected light reflective film, in the absence of the object block, the linear CCD detector array to be a complete band of light. When there is an object in the display area to block the light propagation path, linear CCD detects light band will appear in non-reflective area, distributed in two corners of the CCD were detected occlusion region corresponding linear CCD reaction zone, according to the calculation of the object area corresponding to the position of the display area, a test intersection positioned.

        This technique is relatively new technology, not fully mature, and its biggest advantage is that they can do more simultaneous touch, except for a few manufacturers in the trial use, but also for the completely universal, little information is available.

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